2 Poems by Donald Vincent | Micro-Poetry | #thesideshow

September 3, 2017
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September 1, 2017
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September 4, 2017



Unforgettable from your first steps in

the halls of the opera’s auditorium

in your pineberry-blue khaki jacket

over a perfectly, striped button-up,

collared oxford shirt with unbuttoned cuffs

I’ve only seen preppy rock stars pull off

screaming ‘fuck me’ in the most effortlessly

ways possible. Somewhere between struggle-

fest and jet lag from this year’s Cannes film festival,

could this be love at first swoon? Colorless,

soft eyes sweet as macaroons. Enchanting

like a moon when full. Are they grey, sky blue,

perfection’s hue? It is sexy yet weird

to tell a stranger you’ve seen them in a dream

of a dream unless it becomes true.





uh-oh, frances stark! you keep me in

the moment like christian

marclay’s the clock


while watching you watch art,

i saw you scribble

john luke gotart

and masticating my lips, i wrote


vivre sa vie—

my favorite film

by jean-luc godard

& 400 blows

scratching it out after

mixing him up with true-

faux. breathless


as you recline across

an unblemished, white couch

sex is about everything

that is human.



About the Author

Donald Vincent is a poet, painter, and lover of all things art. He is also Mr. Hip. Mr. Hip is a rapper and creator of a vegan cooking show. Originally from DC, he currently resides in Boston.