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2 stories by Asaf Day

You Could Get Hit by a Bus by Megan Anning
July 9, 2018
How You Forgot by Emily Yin
July 11, 2018

2 stories by Asaf Day

The Enemy of the Cross

Adam came down off the cross, with his body scourged and bleeding as a result of the ordeal of years of sins’ atonement. He asked the dim light with his cold and desperate voice:” Have all the sins been repented? can I live in this land with my people in peace and tranquility? Suddenly, the dim light grew brighter, and then replied with a confident, bit arrogant, voice:” Indeed, you can, but be aware that the land is thirsty and blood is free”.

Upon hearing these words, Adam felt his blood boiling inside his skull, and without previous warning, he began striking the wooden cross, which has been fixated to the hilltop for thousands of years, until it fell and hit the ground, generating a dense cloud of dust, in which for a moment, seemed to conceal the dim light.

With the dim light gazing at him indifferently, Adam seized the cross, loaded it on his back, and begun marching. He marched through rivers and mountains, between olive groves and vineyards, with every step he takes he bleeds further on the soil, quenching the thirsty land, with his bloody memories, on his way to the new world. By night he reached the harbor.

Before boarding the ship, which is destined to arrive at the new world, Adam was asked by the usher to get rid of his cross, given that in the new world there is no room for old wooden artifacts, as they may bring sickness and provoke negative practices by the people. Reluctantly, Adam threw the cross overboard. Nonetheless, at nights, he dreamed nostalgically on his beloved lost wooden item, and the sweet agony in which he experienced and shared with it, as well as with the old bloody land…


The flood

The sky was darkening as the gods anticipated anxiously for the flood to wash and purify the face of the earth. They Expected evil to parish, but in vain. The first group of survivors were the schemers, as they manipulated and bribed their way out of certain death. The second wave of survivors was those of the race of brutes, who forced their slaves and servants to build them high towers, which saved from total extinction. The third group was those of sexual superiority, who bred their way out of the risk of total annihilation, leaving most of their spouses to drown in the great flood. And so on, that was the case with other similar groups of people, whose their morality is highly questioned. Nonetheless, there were many fatalities due to this “necessary” mass extinction carried out by the gods. It was the majority of those who prayed piously to the gods, calling them to take extreme measures, such as the flood, in order to eliminate the great injustices of their world.   



Asaf Day works for a risk consultancy company as a political analyst. On his spare time, Asaf enjoys reading books in Arabic, English, and Hebrew. His favorite genres include post-modern and surreal stories. He is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, as well as speaks some French and Turkish.