3 poems by Jude Marr

Your Honeycomb / My Inner Cheek by Savannah Slone
May 9, 2018
DEATH Deserves a Super Like by Yvonne Spring
May 11, 2018

Gutter Dance

after rain sidewalk weeds

weep: downtown



slickened mutts pad

tight alleyways: whistles/

finger-clicks un-                    



woman: skin

tissue-thin: eyes

ragged: eve-


(don’t wait)

streets meet: cracked

keystone: keyed car(rion)



eyes bite/ignite

enflame: eve (not)snake


(not yet)

picked: clean—

eve-howl hard-

underwired: wolves scatter/


shatter: eve unmut(t)ed: de-stress:    arabesque.

Ice to Fire


being               we destroy


one                  another


race you to      steam


dry                   I am


carbon-di        oxide (smother)


flame               liquid-ate       


water               melts              


you dry            burn


be: coming      thirst: be


coming            flood


become           me


be                    solid



save                 me: try.

Scattershot Fundamentals


birds                                         of pray                      


infight                         tight-feathered


tethered by                                 spiral


lies                                             while


talon-fodder                              turtles                                       


(once                                      aspiring)


now                                             reign:


down(blown)                               tares


deface                                    deserted


settlements:                            humans


(hard)scrabble                       for truth


among                                         ruins:


not                                     (faith)fools


reborn:                                                       not           


sky-babble:                          will save:                                      


when                              raptors attack


we are                                       carrion                                               


not                                             manna.                     



Jude Marr teaches, and writes poetry, as protest. Jude is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and also poetry editor for r.kv.r.y. For links to more work, or to buy her chapbook, Breakfast for the Birds, please go to http://judemarr.com