3 Poems by Carol Hamilton

2 Poems by Andrew Nye
March 6, 2018
Two Star Review by Laura Eppinger
March 8, 2018

New Day

On the city cater-corner
to lime dapples of chinaberry
the work crew dons orange mesh
to board yellow school bus

Satisfaction at Day’s End

“Stupidity often saves a man from going mad.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Slogans can work
to our advantage,
so shopping stirs,
a crowded beach
and a deep tan
can satisfy,
strange spices
for turkey and pumpkin
please, and now
just add a word
to the label — Organic —
and all is right
with this world
One up the one
above you on the chain
and for awhile
the sun spreads
its slant light across
all the long shadows
of a tall tower
and the absorbing surface
of the little microchips

The Growing Edge


It is good to remember
what made us special once
young marrieds in grad school
Book-of-the-Month Club
and another for classical music
on long-play vinyl and how we
filled our shelves In time we learned
there is No Exit and Frank once
wrote them to shove
their stupid card back up
their stupid machine and he
a soft-spoken man and we learned
so young how things go awry
and how you get what you do not
want once too often
But it was the in thing
and we matriculated and if you are
young that is what you do
and now we only need
to look around to judge
if we are
or not

About the Author

Carol Hamilton has recent and upcoming publications in Southwest American Literature, Paper Street Journal, Cold Mountain Review, Common Ground, Tipton Poetry Journal, Main Street Rag, Louisiana Review, Sacred Cow. U.S.1 Worksheet, Homestead Review, Poem, Sandy River Review, Plainsongs, The 3228 Review, Texas Poetry Calendar 2018, Nebo, Dryland, Visions International, Turtle Island Quarterly, Inscape and others. She has published 17 books, most recently, SUCH DEATHS from the Virtual Arts Cooperative Press in Chicago. She is a former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma and has been nominated seven times for a Pushcart Prize.