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June 8, 2016
F20 Litstyle: Horsethief Releases their 4th issue
June 9, 2016

#thesideshow June 9th 2016 2 micropoems by Gary Wilkens

all dry on the clouds

all fluorescent near the mist
you summon bright men near the land

so within the big trees
you envision quiet demons under the tomb

all dry on the clouds
you examine wanting balls above the earth

the fool is dying
nameless, seeing the light

a stranger asks this way
wondering why

dream-like in the earth

the passion is vanishing
all poisonous before the dream
the pleasure will be born

dream-like in the earth
huge shivers over the grave
transparent, shining hungry

on what journey
the hero
looks for landmarks in late light

Gary Charles Wilkens, Assistant Professor of English at Norfolk State University, was the winner of the 2006 Texas Review Breakthrough Poetry Prize for his first book, The Red Light Was My Mind. His poems have appeared in more than 50 online and print venues, among them The Texas Review, The Cortland Review, the Adirondack Review, The Prague Revue, and The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume II: Mississippi.