33 by Dean Rhetoric

I                                                         3333­333333                  33333333

arrive                                             33333333333333          333333333333

     late                                               3333333333                  33333333



      f o r         g e t 

      t o  b r i n g  a

      b o t  t l  e  o f

      w h a t e v e r

      makes people want to leave a  burning house. the hallways are  full

      of photographs of the ocean in which to drown small,  insignificant

      parts of                    myself and the drawers                     are full  of

      hungry                     colourful  tablets  with                      which    to

      c l o s e  hallways of  myself  in small, insignificant gulps of  ocean.

      somewhere  above  us  two  insects are lost and  possibly  falling  in

      l  o  v e                     between a chewed biro                     and the ring

      of   a n                      old coffee cup. they are                    merely there

      to communicate something  about  the human   condition  I   suspect.

      mould was in  bloom and                        inside each of the stairs baby

      sunflowers reached out to                       the cracks in the kitchen wall

      the smoke alarm was well                       hidden  and screamed  every

      night for what felt forever  (33)              in years,  minutes or  seconds

      old toys and insignificant                        parts of myself blocked most

      of the fire exits, so I stood                       next to the insects and didn’t

      mention a burning  house,                       hoping  they’d  be too   polite

      to notice the  mould in the  bathroom or lay their  eggs in  my  corpse.



Dean Rhetoric is a former foundry worker and almost a poet, previously published in Sea Foam, Nauseated Drive, Water Soup and Picaroon as well as various others. He currently applies for jobs and sulks around East London; sometimes both at the same time. He tweets things @dean_rhetoric in between asthma attacks. Please approach him with appropriate apathy.