#thesideshow June 22nd 2016 Flash Fiction Polaroid Of A Man in Love by Darley Stewart (Originally published Flapperhouse #10 – Summer 2016)
June 22, 2016
F2O LitStyle: Umbrella Factory Releases Issue 24
June 23, 2016

#thesideshow June 23rd 2016 Three Micro-poems by Aras Onur

Leave Me Not

The cursed Paris, my beloved
the one lying in tranquility
calling for Anatolian binge
whenever I picture you sleeping
alas, I helplessly bud passion
leave me not
let Paris laugh, let the world laugh.


Here comes the sultry air
post-rain era trembles your knees
the quake-shattered dirge ensnares your sky
sudden coming of the many-a-night-long
                          awaited unexpected guest
a silly stare in your continent
there-in a poor memory
dives in at ease, settles
in the magma of your essence.


The fags of this district
seeking a star at night
gazing at the sky for what is past
yet, faces deluging to mould

the fags of this district are scared
lingering never looking at your face
hiding behind their tie
all alone at night, they lie

the fags here are fans
a poster reminding adolescence
hearts beating for their neighbs
crack of dawn, gushing enroute their only palms.

These poem were translated into English by poet himself from the original Turkish versions.

Aras Onur is a Turkish PEN-member author, poet, and columnist. His initial foray into commonwealth of letters was published in 2004. Intrinsically lyricizing, he has been penning novels, stories, columns, plays, and awarded short-film synopses. Openly gay, he has been often pointed as emerging luminary of local LGBT literary movements.