Kubo and the Two Strings
Kubo and the Two Strings Review
September 9, 2016
Kim D. Bailey,
Breaking the Legacy of Silence #13 White Trash Warrior | Kim Bailey Deal
September 10, 2016

Micropoetry by M. A. ISTVAN JR.| #thesideshow



There were so many surprise cavities
to her. In the dark he would finger one,
moving on to the next when he realized
that was not what he was looking for.
She congratulated him on his four-play.
“You make love to my entire body.”

Believe Me, Adia

Even the face so engorged
with hate and anger
slumps to the breast at night.
The brow will be tense at first.
But the reverberations
of rage twitching it in places
will die soon enough
and you will see his innocence.
We Chronicle for Each Other

It is painful knowing that you cannot
preserve in writing all your memories,
let alone those of your family and city.

But take comfort. What you do unearth
is more precious than it would have been
buried amid those other memories mute.

And even writing seen as fiction captures
memories of others. In each other’s work
let us hope to find what we want preserved.
Growth of Starborn Support

Interpreting sexual abuse
as alien abduction makes
the trauma not so traumatic.

On the surface, abduction
might seem to be worse, yes.
But that is the whole catch.

That is what makes the tale
sincere. Why resort to aliens
in order to handle the trauma?
Older Now

I used to twirl about the dark
soothing my son to sleep,
his face in my shoulder.

Unable now to contain his bulk,
too much flesh spilling loose,
I dull each whip in course.

M.A. ISTVAN JR. steals whatever he can from supermarkets and more and more of his daily calories are coming from sugar packets and those mini jelly trays. Visit Istvan’s page at https://txstate.academia.edu/MichaelIstvanJr.