The Box That She Would Fit Into By Michael Overa
The Box She Would Fit Into by Michael Overa| flash fiction | #thesideshow
August 23, 2016
Amy Lucus
August 27, 2016

3 micropoems by Saira Viola | #thesideshow

Saira Viola

3 micro poems

by Saira Viola




Don’t Think It’s Alright

Looking for him in the soft belly of the night
warm creamy tight
looking for a knicker kiss
|a dream
a wet slip
a hand, a softened whisper on her thigh.
wishing for violets on the dirt roads
burying the bullets –
sharping for an angry fix
jitterbug sweat skies
praying in reverse
Jack off – the big kahuna bites
over and over
where’s your thick
conscience now ?



Double Choke The Yoke

Three gorilla heads on speed dial
a baby’s liver deep fried –
metal birds hump howling skies
orange sun- tears – flimmer bright
money voices squeezing tight
gamin’s blood in war hawk’s eyes
Lotus land spreads her thighs
junkie preachers pushing lies
brittle gravy train of ‘Yes Man’, flies
shoving horse shit in their minds
falling game to limping cries
wedded to their breakfast lives.



Put A Tiger in Your Box


Red wine sun like a herpes sore
oozing blood and bitter regret
there are pyramids of blown off limbs
and corridors with severed heads

In the courtyard of second rate jokers
recycled punch lines whistle defeat
the hog butchered face of the human race
selling cut price morality

Twelve string finger picking
cuts through the hiss and sting
smooth freshly laid souls
wired for a killing .


Saira Viola , is a critically acclaimed fiction writer , poet , song lyricist and creator of  literary technique sonic scatterscript .
Her work has appeared in lit journals  around the world ,scrawled on bathroom walls and focuses on the lives of the marginalised , disenfranchised and rebel spirits who glitter the cosmos .
When not penning words for her  scripted universe she can be found under the flutter of a Red Admiral or playing astro tag with Jimmy and Ali  , or in psychotropic discourse with Rimbaud ,helping…read more in soup kitchens and dancing with subway kings