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4 poems by Lauren Saxon

(DIIV, photo by Coley Brown)
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September 3, 2019
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September 4, 2019





So on the next shooting star


Ill wish for whatever’s best for me


& hope it brings me you





& with my own two hands 

I pick up the first aid kit


wash the wound​​ /spread the medicine /slowly/

​​ over the scars I made myself & with 

my own two hands


I place the gauze over my skin 

In the same way that/ people 

lay flowers on the ground


This is my first time —

being gentle with myself

playing nurse instead of

being / the fire itself 


& with my own two hands

& with my own deep breaths


on my own time 


we heal






I've been stripped of my skin
You took​​ 
The words I've buried​​ 
Out of my stomach​​ 

My body​​ 
For your observation

Your gossip​​ 
Fueled by theft​​ 


Take my bones too​​ 
Use them​​ 
As crutches​​ 
For your social status​​ 

Take them

Now there's nothing left​​ 
For me to own









I hate that I watched your season change 

Let you stay warm with alcohol

When the cold front moved in​​ 

Saw long, straight lines​​ 

Etched in your bark

Ignored your leaves

As they turned blood-red​​ 

And caution tape yellow​​ 

I saw your leaves​​ 


Like feet above concrete

But by then 

The wind had already left your branches​​ 




Lauren Saxon is a 22 year old poet and mechanical engineer from Cincinnati Ohio. She attends Vanderbilt University, and relies on poetry when elections, church shootings, and police brutality leaves her speechless. Lauren’s work is featured or forthcoming in Flypaper Magazine, Rhythm & Bones Lit, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Nimrod International Journal and more. She is on poetry staff at Gigantic Sequins, and spends way too much time on twitter (@Lsax_235).