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October 4, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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October 7, 2017

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She is large blue eyes
Gumdrop hair

Her mouth is a tomato…

Gripping the microphone she reads

Paradise Extravaganza!

Her words are small ugly dolls


Her second poem is called Fluent in Bullshit

Her third poem is called Fuck Feathers

Her fourth poem is called Who is the bae? I am the bae!

Her fifth poem is called Dude, You’re Not Gorgeous

Her sixth poem is called Hashtag Hag

Her seventh poem is called Go Fuck your IPhone


The crowd claps

She throws her shoes at them

She takes off her blouse and swings it over her head

It lands on the greasy floor







Amid the chartreuse chaos


City yellow Urban red


The air is music


She lets her hair down


Blue ethereal


The clouds are slow white syllables





Her face is a freeway, red artery.

She sees the world through barricades.

Her eyes are heavy.

There’s furniture in her teeth.

She’ll devour you like the government.





That was the time when her hair became a lagoon.

We sailed on it in a slender boat.

A boat shaped like an ear.

The water was affectionate.

About the Author

Eliza Mimski’s work has appeared in Poets Reading the News, Entropy, New Verse News and other publications. Mimski was a finalist in the 2017 San Francisco Writers Conference contest in adult fiction.