4 Poems by Majda Gama | Micro-poetry | #thesideshow

July 8, 2017
In the House on Glenshaw Street by J.C Howell | Flash Fiction | #thesideshow
July 7, 2017
Kim D. Bailey,
Masked and Latent Misogyny: Women, Stay Woke Part 1 | Breaking the Legacy of Silence #45 | Kim D. Bailey
July 8, 2017

The Lightning on Bowie

“I thought he would be cracked by lightning. Sort of an obvious-type thing, as he was sort of an electric boy” David Bowie on Aladdin Sane’s lightning-bolt makeup.












The End of the Century
















The History of Art

















Your Photograph Induces Vertigo


















About the Author

Majda Gama is a Beirut-born, Saudi-American poet (precariously) based in the Washington, DC area where she has roots as a DJ and activist. Two of her poems were picked as honorable mentions by Ilya Kaminsky in The Fairy Tale Review’s inaugural contest. Recently she was a finalist in Yemassee journal’s 2017 poetry contest. Other poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Freeze Ray, Hunger Mountain, Jahanamiya (the first Saudi feminist literary magazine) Mizna, The Rising Phoenix Review & War, Literature & the Arts. Poems are forthcoming from Duende, and the 90’s anthology Come As You Are. Majda reads poetry submissions for the literary magazine Tinderbox