Eric Cline
Gay-Man #6: New X-Men and Creative Evolution | Eric Cline
December 5, 2016
I NEED TO WRITE A POEM ABOUT YOU BUT I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START BECAUSE YOU LEAVE ME SPEECHLESS(a chronicle of the last time we met, according to me) by Kaity Gee | flash fiction | #thesideshow
December 6, 2016

5 micropoems by Sugar Tobey | #thesideshow

At the Bar

I sat at the bar
between two men
ones ear had recently
been cut off
he still wore the bandages
and the other
had one of his
eyes put out

we just sat quietly
and drank
as I wondered
if I were missing




I’m wearing a car freshener
cause I smell like ass she said

coming from the gas station
hey mister you wanna party

before I could speak
she knew I didn’t

fuck you then get lost
the sky was beginning to glow

and everywhere
the smell of peaches




The drive was so long
it made us sick and by the time
we got back there
we were evil

so with the windows
rolled up
we passed through our old town
like ghosts

Sexy Hands

Childlike and strong
I could watch her
do anything
with her hands
eat smoke put on makeup
then she caught me staring

don’t look at my hands
they are so ugly
all my sisters have
such beautiful hands
and I am stuck with
these slabs of meat

The Lucky Ones

I wasn’t sure
when I was a child
I thought old people
were just lucky

the ones who didn’t get
run over by cars electrocuted
hit in the head or fall out a window
now as an adult I’m sure this is true

Sugar Tobey was born  in Coney Island Brooklyn. Received a degree from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Now lives in dscn3065NYC above a pizza parlor.