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June 20, 2017
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June 19, 2017
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June 22, 2017

Words + Audio by Eric Wallgren /// Moving Images by Siobahn Schuck


I Planted a Seed in the Wall

 and now I stare
at the spot where I planted
it swimming into canyons
between tectonic plates on the ocean
floor through disgusting factory
swamps licking coke from mirrors
without a reflection I go
headlong like a torpedo
cracking one thin layer of ice
to open up the surf riot
chants to ward off a monsoon
joke is a pop song no more
than a swallowed seed is the world
crying out drunk as a pinball in my ribcage,
but I did not eat all the glitter.
I left some for you and you
should be thankful.




Ghost Outline















I ordered a                pizza.              I was
sent,    instead of a    delivery person,
an                    exorcist.


The     exorcist          punched
my      stomach         6 times: 1-2, 1-2,
1-2.      He       called that move       the
Heimlich.       I


begged           for pizza.       I did not
choke.            I fought          back    dirty.  I
hungered       and I   was angry.


When I’m      hungry,          I’m
not      in control       of my-                        self.

When I’m      hungry,          I’m not
in control       of myself.

When I’m hungry, I’m not
in control of myself.






























SO0oOo0oo Much Depends Upon a Red Wheel Barrow











About the Author

Eric Wallgren lives in Chicago, where he plays in a band called Lamestains. He’s online at ericwallgren.tumblr.com.











Siobahn Schuck is a media artist with a BFA from SAIC in the Film, Video, and New Media department. They are currently living and working in Chicago with their best friends/roommates. Still Images: instagram.com/paypalwhore Moving Images: vimeo.com/siobahnschuck