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May 19, 2016
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May 20, 2016

A Treasure Trove of Great Movies: What is Seed&Spark? by Charles Bivona

Seed & Spark Charles Bivona


W hen the editor of Five2One Magazine asked me to write a weekly film review column, I leapt at the opportunity. This was my chance, finally, to support a film distribution company called Seed&Spark. Why have I been so eager to review movies funded and distributed by Seed&Spark? I’ll let the CEO, Emily Best, explain what’s so special about her company.


I am thrilled to be reviewing these films. So far, every title I’ve selected has reminded me why I started writing film reviews in college. I love movies, especially movies that explore marginalized narratives and unacknowledged perspectives. With those college reviews long behind me, I’ll explain the critical approach I’ve adopted over the last twenty years.

I do not write “bad reviews.” I do not attack other people’s work. I comment on what I see a piece trying to do, on how well it succeeds, and on how—in my opinion—it might be improved. I tend to spend much more time talking about what artists get right and how my readers can best enjoy the work as a social commentary. I believe the role of a critic is to help creators make art that both educates and entertains an audience, while simultaneously enhancing the experience the audience has with the art. That’s my critical theory.

And that last paragraph is much more academic than I plan to be going forward. From now on, in this column, I’m an old movie buff that just stumbled upon a treasure trove. I’ve got my popcorn, a ridiculously large diet soda, and a long list of movies to watch. This is going to be a lot of fun, my readers.

Someone lower the lights so we can get this show started.