ABOUT: FIVE:2:ONE is primarily dedicated to the transgressive, the progressive and the experimental. That is to say that we like the unexplored waters. We love the hell out of the cross-genre scientists, the visual inventors,plucky linguists, non-narratives narrators, and especially the experimental weird babies. But we should say that our minds are open to many other types and forms of literary works as well.

We publish a print journal quarterly  tentatively in March, June, September and December containing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, art, interviews etc. But, we also publish an online daily journal #thesideshow that contains flash fiction, micropoetry, art and micrononfiction.

Editor in Chief | Nathan Alan Schwartz 
Managing Editor  | Stephanie Kaylor
Litstyle Editor | Kenning JP Garcia
Fiction Editor | Monique Quintana
Poetry Editor | Christopher Joseph McGoff
Nonfiction Editor | Alex Simand
Art Editor |  Alex Schmacher
Staff Reviewer/ interviewer | Khya Osbourne 
Staff Reviewer | Stephen Furlong