The very air we breathe, Empowered by Charlotte Ozment | Micro poetry | #thesideshow

August 5, 2017
Alex Schumacher
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August 2, 2017
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August 6, 2017

The very air we breathe, Empowered

The very air about
our lives is made up
of intellectual
tendrils that stimulate
and encourage agility.

Through these vibrant hues
of breathe we exchange
and accept. I inhabit the realm
of the stars, my mind
a mire of chaos, skewed
perceptions, a devotion.
And you, you speak to me with
a touch of trust, given.

Your energy, one of warmth
and determination, allows mine
to be renewed, a balance between
heart and rebirth. After
which I shall buff your
innocence to perfection.

Charlotte Ozment lives on several acres in Texas. She finds words hidden in the world around and can sometimes put them to paper before they fade. Her work has previously appeared in Carcinogenic Poetry, Kleft Jaw and Babel Lit, and has been accepted for future publication by Poetry Repairs, Eternal Haunted Summer, Scarlet Leaf Review and Star*Line.