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by Nathan Alan Schwartz |
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By: Nathan Alan Schwartz |

Pop | R&B |

Immunity is highkey emo. Not in a negative way but rather this album is emotional – straight from the heart and nothing less.

It takes a lot for me to be head over heels in love with a pop artist. Sure, occasionally I find myself listening to Lorde& Lana Del Rey . But, not many more do I put effort into listen on a daily basis. Clairo, is their dope af younger sibling sonically, she is doleful, charming and loveable.   Her voice especially on this new full length album, Immunity is classic pop somewhat akin to the 90s R&B pop of  Britney and Mandy. But, as we learned from her YouTube famous song Pretty Girl Clairo is anything but a classic pop star.

There are many postive things about this album, but, what drew me in on a personal level was the amount of passion put into the 11 songs. It is obvious that the lyrics and vibes were written by Clairo for Clarie Cotrill’s cathartic purpose. She just, in general, seems very real and open lyrically. And as a bi-sexual listener, if you are looking for somebody to relate to she might be your girl as she just recently came out as bi and put many of those feelings  in this album including the song “Sofia”


Immunity’s opener, Alewife, starts with a very mellow piano and melds into a light gutiar and soft drum . She sings about her glum experience with suicide prevention. While this song sets the tone for the album perfectly, it is only a mediocre song. Alewife is followed by the song


 also brings in some new personnel add to her arsenal including co-producer and former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij, the mixing work of  Dave Fridmann, and some solid assistance on drums by Danielle Haim in the hope of a new direction

The production of Immunity is just a tad above her other songs. Her producer for this album Rostam Perhaps more professional and less bedroom but other than that the songs still have that lo-fi sound that drag some of her fans in.

Immunity is lowkey emo. Not in a  negative way but rather this album is emotional(like most music these days) – straight from the heart and nothing less, and  it comes from an unhappy time in Clairo’s life.




Nathan Alan Schwartz likes to dance in the pale moonlight.


Nathan Alan Schwartz likes to dance in the pale moonlight.

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By: Nathan Alan Schwartz