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Aleatory (No Meal) and a two other micropoems by Siân Killingsworth | #thesideshow

April 6, 2017
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April 6, 2017
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April 7, 2017

Aleatory (No Meal)


Trajectory indeterminate,
each copper-opal scale
glistening with gelid froth:

a tight-fingered, open palm
waving, seeking sex
or escape.  Mouth pursed grim

and eyes ambitious, you slip
between my hands, a pair
of hiccupping fish.


The Last Time


and he sobbed out
sharp, awkward
into her neck
as if unused to making
any noise at all, a dry lip
pressed into her
collarbone hard as he came.
Then just breathing, uneven
rips of air dragged inward—
his ghostly loneliness
slipped past her guard, in
between her ribs
so in the dark she opened
her mouth and said




The air resonates with lies filing past
and out of me—a cyclone larded
with expectation. My mother’s
cemetery: summer, after the burial,
the imploded bones.
My flight to anomie
precluded sight, nine
years of burrowing-in-
flesh, of burning-at-night.
All instincts hibernate.
No smash-up
brought me back, just
the balloon-string of relation,
that vibration of duty. She wanted
me to see her like this. If only
she had stayed longer.
If only I could stand to see.



About the Author:

Siân Killingsworth has published poetry in the Oakland Review, Mudfish, the Columbia Poetry Review, Eunoia Review and others. Siân holds an MFA from the New School and recently joined the Marin Poetry Center in Northern California as co-chair of the Traveling Show.