Anay Avoravu



In Russia females for centuries were oppressed, trapped and the price of freedom never obtainable. A camera lens was the only true way to reveal what most are afraid to discuss. “Taboo” subjects as abuse, entrapment, find sexuality and nudity. “It’s like a sore,” thought Makar. “It’s disgusting, but you can not stop.”

Anay Avoravu herself at a young age would travel abroad in search of clients and subjects that would satisfy her obsession with bringing reality to print. Unaccepted in Russia after traveling from Egypt to UAE and around the globe she has found her home in Miami Beach and thru her lens creates visual art and prints that expose the

world as still exists behind closed doors, in the dark alley, or even in plain sight. This current series is called Honey Noon and show the post-abused period in women’s lives. Anay describes her works as dark, ugly and raw just as a real abuse is. It is not about what happened in their past, but how they carry it now. Each model represents the tradition that proves happy life for a couple. Rose’s petals in the bouquets that men presents on the first date for Russia, rice that guests throw on the wedding for India or sheets with blood that husband has to show to the relatives after the first night for Chechnya – are components of traditions that are still in our cultures and thoughts.