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Bedroom Before Sunrise and a few other poems by Jan Wiezorek | #thesideshow

April 30, 2017
Kim D. Bailey,
Breaking the Legacy of Silence #37: Living in and Alongside Love of All Types Part 5 of LGBTQ NB/GF Series
April 29, 2017
Eric Cline
Gay-Man #16: Creative Inspiration, Perspiration, and Integration | Eric Cline | Weekly Column
May 1, 2017




Bedroom Before Sunrise

Press wrist,
dislodge shoulder,

strain two Scotties
who nuzzle green

before color exists.
This confuses grids

and locks silhouettes.
Bare self,

held at breath,
and arrange

morning baldness
with lunar gravity.

Wing double-size
shadows that dwarf

homeward angels.

and rainspouts
cream the featherbed.




I finished my walk
and returned home
to find a note
on my page:
It appears this poem has been abandoned.
Please remove within twenty-four (24) hours
so others may enjoy this space.
I had to laugh
and submitted it
at once for publication.


Directions Walking By

Arrows, split legged
northerly to scatter

surface waste,
continental drift.

Even when signs point,
I press you diagonally

to veer from leaching.
Your hairy compass circles,

but you speak southerly,
calling what you can

and cannot see,
vectoring florals everlasting

under primal arches,
in rustic highlights

and chiaroscuro triangles,
radical in yellow or red.

Remember when we celebrated
boys’ reflections in globes

trumpeting skyward?
Now I can’t even walk

in direction of dog piddles
or canals as seen from space:

only to yield at intersection
of Angel and St. Xavier.

Forested Affirmations

climbs spines,
recoiled by rough focus.

You burst forth
and suck duality
in soles.

Our warmth
melts and leaves
divulge atonality.

What can
be known fights
my wandering burrs.

Your metaphors recur:
crack ice
and squeeze paths.

We stab to heal,
in formal questions.

Jan Wiezorek divides his time between Chicago and Barron Lake, Michigan. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming at The London Magazine, Southern Pacific Review, Panoplyzine, Better Than Starbucks, and Schuylkill Valley Journal online. Jan is author of Awesome Art Projects That Spark Super Writing (Scholastic, 2011). He has taught writing at St. Augustine College, Chicago, and he holds a master’s degree in English Composition/Writing from Northeastern Illinois University.