Breadcrumbs from the Void #47 The Prefect Ten- Nathan Alan Schwartz

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The “Prefect Ten”- Nathan Alan Schwartz

Alex Schumacher



With the gluttony of Thanksgiving in the rear view and every manner of diabetes-inducing holiday goodies suffused into all aspects of our daily lives leading up to the year’s end, I can only hope you are not too stuffed for another installment of Bread Crumbs from the Void. Why the season of giving translates to giving your nearest and dearest a loving dose of metabolic dysfunction — specifically in the obesity riddled U. S. of A — is beyond my comprehension. I suppose our capitalist overlords have brainwashed the masses into believing that food is love. In any event, pop some Tums (or alternatively some Metamucil to express those anal glands) and hunker down for the latest ‘Prefect Ten’.

In between bouts of the uncontrollable and explosive diarrhea you are no doubt experiencing, I will take this opportunity to remind you the “Prefect Ten” is a series where I pose ten questions to established editors/publishers whom I respect and admire. With this in mind, meticulously study the answers presented to you herein. Inscribe the messages on your hearts and genitals as to never be forgotten. Shudder before the almighty, heathens!

Now it is my privilege to present the self-deprecating and demonstrative Nathan Alan Schwartz.


Q & A


1. Talk about the impetus behind starting FIVE:2:ONE

Originally, I wanted to start a blogazine where I could publish little heard and forgotten dark voices. I was a very anti-New Yorker type kid and felt like the darker and edgy  voices were forgotten by the larger magazines .  Since the inception I  have changed my world view and have  expanded  and changed our orginal mission statment.  But… I also    wanted to be involved in the community like a record label is involved with the music industry.

2. What interested you in becoming an editor?

I think my interest in being an editor came after years of being an editor for other magazines. I  always loved reading submissions because I am an avid reader anyway. But, I didn’t really establish a full on interest in editing and curating till about the 5th or 6th issue of FIVE:2:ONE .  Right around then I was starting to enjoy the creation process of the lit magazine. Then around the 10th issue things changed more and it  was then that  I grew  because  I started to view F2O as my own ever-growing visual art piece. 


3. This is typically where I ask if there’s a specific trait that tends to attract you to a submission, but you state you are looking for contributors ‘weird babies’. How would you define such a piece to those interested in submitting?

A weird baby has many forms and facets . Think of weird babies as silly putty or play-dough.  Weird babies are the experimental poem, the concrete poem, the erasure, the visual poem. But, weird babies are also the hybrid pieces, the genre bending, non-narrative fiction slip-streaming fiction, even speculative fiction . A weird baby is also about topic, writing about garbage and making it beautiful, , writing a story about pop culture and making it fun and interesting etc. Experimental creative nonfiction is also in the weird baby area. Weird babies also surround themselves in the visual arts. The surreal art, the experimental photography, strange family photos etc. To sum my little rant up weird babies take chances in their respective arts.

4. What is the scope of work that FIVE:2:ONE does/does not publish?

Our doors are open to everybody and almost everything. I would say there is little that we wouldn’t take as long as it good, well written and takes chances.  Like I said before we do prefer works that are outside of the mainstream and  that are experimental or unique in some way.  However, with that being said we aren’t against mainstream work and publish many normies too. We also want to hear from marginalized voices out there especially those who work with the experimental.

5. What are a few of your submission pet peeves?

Not following guidelines. BOOOM!

6. Give an example or two of how aspiring writers should not respond to a rejection (maybe examples you receive on a far too common basis).

We haven’t really had many submitters send us any bad responses. But one obvious thing submitters should not do after receiving a rejection is swear/yell/ beat up/ insult  the editor that rejected you. If you can’t handle rejection you are probs in the wrong business.

7. Does a writer need any previous credits for their work to be considered by FIVE:2:ONE?


9. What do you see for the future of FIVE:2:ONE (and online literary journals in general)?

Well for us personally I see our print issues expanding on to bookshelves everywhere. I would like to eventually have our print issues  feel like an experience rather than just a lit magazine. Designing F2Oprint  facinates me just as much as the written work does so  I want to find ways to experiment with the traditional ways a literary magazine is read.

For #thesideshow our online journal I would like to expand our website so that it also feels like an experience. I’m not entirely sure when or how this is going to be done.

9. What advice would you offer to aspiring writers?

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

Keep writing. Keep submitting.

10. Who are a few of your favorite writers and why?




I can’t say that I always have a consistent favorite. My favorites are always changing and always ever expanding. But here are a few of my favorites.


Kelly Link: She is wonderful at that slipstream feel that I love. The crossing genres and magical realism.

Haruki Murakami: Dreamy weird af landscapes that he creates always makes me want more.

Mark Z. Danielewski: His creativity and experimentation with the novel is genius. Yay for House of Leaves!!


For poetry i’m just gonnasay this entire  website blows me away :

It has the brilliance of all kinds of experimental poetry, visual poetry, auditory poetry etc. I love it because it feels like these poets and artist have no limits as to what they can produce into art


Nathan Alan Schwartz is king of the awkwards and editor in chief of FIVE:2:ONE.

Now if that feature did not tickle your innards, I suggest you engage in some deep fucking soul searching. My gratitude to NAS for his participation in consensual word porn!

As always, if you would like to hear me elaborate a bit more on my own process, you can find links to a couple of interviews conducted recently with me on my website at: Drop me a line from the contact page if you have any other questions, complaints, insults, or declarations of lust.

Bread Crumbs from the Void will return in two weeks with another thrilling edition of hard-nosed reality for you big-talkers and wannabes. Until next time, keep scribbling you freaks.


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