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November 4, 2016
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Breaking the Legacy of Silence #21 A Revolution is Coming: Women (and Some Men) Are Mad as Hell! | Kim Bailey Deal

Kim D. Bailey,

I’ve walked around for the last several weeks feeling the pressure of this election year mounting, my skin on fire, my teeth gnashing together, and my warrior battle cry at the ready. Though I’m not one to discuss or write about politics, this year has my Scottish ire up and my Cherokee blood boiling, ready for old, white men’s (and the women who parrot them) scalps to hang from the Longhouse as I sing a song of victory around the fire and dance to the beat of the drum.

Along with the World Series, The Walking Dead, and SNL skits, we have all been glued to the wildly vacillating political news each day. Like a friend of mine said, “I’d go to write about the election and then it changed!” Yes, this has been one hell of a ride.

We have, after the historic election of President Obama as the first black president of the United States, who also won another term, another historic moment with Hillary Clinton as the first female Democratic Presidential Candidate.

And then we have Trump, her Republican opponent.

Most of us know what’s going on out there. Most of us.

Yet, for the life of me, I cannot fathom why Donald Trump is even in this race. Moreover, his followers terrify me. Their nationalistic, purist, and fascist dogma echoes like Hitler in this converted Reform Jewish girl’s ears. I don’t know about you—but the idea of him winning is frightening. The idea of him losing, and Clinton winning, is just as terrifying.


Because Trump and his cultish followers are not going away. I want Hillary Clinton to win and if there is a Goddess, she will take the office of POTUS next Tuesday. Yes, I cast my vote for her in early election. I’m not ashamed to admit this. In fact, I’m tired of being told I can’t or shouldn’t talk about this because it may alienate people.

I’ve got news for you, if shouting out my support for Hillary Clinton means some people will no longer want to follow my blog or page, interact with me, or read my work—GOOD. They can take their happy asses on down the road. This is serious. I want people to know the difference between a dictator and a president.

Women are pissed off. Some of our male friends are mad as hell, too. I’m hearing a lot of this from my female friends, supportive male friends, and acquaintances. The tide has shifted to a revolution that should make even the Trump supporters take note.

The vitriolic, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic rants, crass commentary, and behavior by Donald Trump is an embarrassment to us. His presence is a reminder that no matter the sacrifices made by our foremothers, we still haven’t arrived. Men—and women—are rallying behind him like he’s a rock star, their eyes crazed and glazed over with hate while their mouths spew his rubbish. Most of them have no idea what they are talking about. They cannot support their arguments with fact, so they lash out at everyone who opposes them—much like their leader. They call us “Libtards” and “Angry Liberals” and “Nasty Women” while they ignore the vile speech and rhetoric, and the actions, of Trump. It’s insane!

So, Clinton used a private email server. She was exonerated—to use FBI Director James Comey’s word. But his disciples would rather crucify her over those than look truthfully toward his egregious actions.

Let’s recount this again: Trump has avoided paying taxes, and has bragged about it openly. He won’t release his tax records as just about every presidential candidate has before him. He has been accused by over a dozen women of sexual misconduct and/or assault. He has been accused of being a child molester by a woman who says he raped and abused her at a party when she was 13-years-old. He is facing racketeering charges. He’s buddied up to Putin, admiring him and the psycho Kim Jong Un because of their badass and totalitarian ways. He blames everything on the Chinese, including Global Warming, saying the Chinese perpetrated the decay of our environment as a hoax. He wants to build a wall on the southern border. He’s vilified John McCain! John McCain, people, who was a POW in Vietnam, and who Trump says is lying about having been held prisoner during that war! He maligned President Obama and started the “birther” movement, claiming the man wasn’t eligible for presidency because he wasn’t an American citizen—which is complete bullshit. He even said that women in the military bring sexual abuse upon themselves for choosing to join, as it’s a man’s world, or didn’t you already know that? Really. He did.

If you’re not a fact checker, which would you rather “mostly” believe is true, that Clinton used a private email server and though inappropriate, was not criminal about it, or that Trump is accused of tax evasion, child abuse and molestation, sexual assault, and racketeering charges? Hmmm?

He not only wants to restrict the rights of women in abortion clinics and equal pay, he wants to take us back to a time when we had less rights, when we were subservient to men in this society. He wants to restrict the rights of the LGBTQ community, and disallow legal marriage for gay couples, as well as benefits, such as health insurance. He wants to abolish Obamacare, a flawed national healthcare system, but one that provides many with medical help they would otherwise not receive. He wants to ban immigration and even deport those born here to immigrants! This is terrifying, folks. It’s a repetition of Nazi Germany and the Japanese Internment Camps of WWII. He wants to provide all the zealots who follow him a cold comfort that their guns and weapons will be safe, but he blusters on about martial law. Trump is a walking contradiction. From one day to the next, all we hear from him are more astounding lies, twisted history, and fragile promises of, “Make America Great Again.”

There will be NOTHING great about a Trump presidency or world. Nothing. No one will be safe from his psychopathic rage, greed, or need for control. If he wins, we are all damned to a dark time. If he doesn’t, he will make the next four years a bigger minefield than this past year has been. The mines will be set for anyone who opposes them, and supports anyone they believe is not worthy.

However, my female and sympathetic male compatriots are ready for war. We are tired of white, rich, privileged, and powerful men getting away with abhorrent acts, pushing us down, and telling us we are not worthy of respect. We are sick to death of the inane belief that women take a back seat to men. We are outraged at the idea that a man can grope us, even RAPE us, and get away with it. Yes, it happens every-single-fucking-day, and we’ve had it with the legal loopholes allowing men license to do as they goddamn please.

Someone very close to me voted for Trump the other day. It has made me question EVERYTHING, and I was already sure that this individual did not truly have my best interests in mind. As voting for Trump was this person’s right, albeit a terrible decision, it is mine to disconnect from someone who would dishonor me and the other women in their life by voting for Trump. Now I’m ready for war, baby.


If you haven’t voted, or if you are sick of the election and have decided to be apathetic and not vote, I urge you to get your ass to the voting booth on Tuesday, November 8th and cast your vote for the most sensible person—one who will not trash women or different races, the LGBTQ community, freedom of speech, the democratic process, or take away your guns (yes, he will take them away if you give him the election—and if you’re scoffing while reading this, when he does—just remember I told you so).

If you’ve got an aversion to Hillary Clinton, just keep in mind that some silly write-in of Mickey Mouse or Willie Nelson, or voting for one of the other parties just to keep Clinton and Trump from getting your vote, will only help Trump more than hurt him. Think about it—intelligently. Stop using social media as your resource for FACTS. Facebook is not the place to learn who is the better candidate and the real issues they bring forth.

Don’t let Trump’s mockery of this election, of other people, of our entire system of democracy, give him the power to destroy our rights in the future. This is a dangerous man. He is a conqueror, not a leader.

Give your vote to Hillary Clinton and know that you not only saved our country from a mad man, but you have helped further the cause for equal rights among women and minorities, and you have put the next four years of our country’s journey into very capable and competent hands.

Go vote early if you can. Go vote Tuesday if you can’t. Just go vote—and make sure you vote for a true leader, not a maniac.


img_4953Kim Bailey Deal writes Women’s Fiction, short stories, poetry, non-fiction, and is Social Media Manager for Five 2 One Magazine. She has written two novels and is revising the first for publication. She’s published in several online literary journals and print magazines. Kim lives in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN with her husband. They have two dogs and two cats, six grown children, and five grandchildren. To connect follow at and on Twitter @kimbaileydeal