Breaking the Legacy of Silence #50 by Kim D. Bailey | Weekly Column

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October 7, 2017
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October 11, 2017

    Apologies to all two of you who read my column for my absence from #49 to this last column installment with Five 2 One Magazine. When they say, “Life happens,” they aren’t kidding around.

I want to leave all of you with a summary of the spirit of my column as well as with hope for your own words and voices.

When I began this column on June 11, 2016, I first wrote to my experiences as a mother with two transgender children. Other topics and personal experiences have included, but are not limited to; sexual abuse, domestic violence, alcoholism and drug abuse, family of origin dysfunction, relationships, Women’s rights, LGBT issues, some political invectives, writing and how to write, and personal responsibility.

S. Liam Spradlin writes:

Although each of these subjects have been painted, at times, with a broad brush, there is a common thread throughout each word written, and that is: Love. The sole purpose in bringing these subjects to light has not been to embarrass, belittle or pass judgement on anyone. Over these past months Kim has tried her very best to showcase the driving need for Love throughout our homes, communities, and nation(s). Many of her personal experiences have left her with wounds that are deep and scars that are always fresh. She is not unlike all of you, her readers, who have been hurt, used, and left unappreciated. Through the title of her column and its content, she has endeavored to break the silence. However, she has not spoken on behalf of anyone or assumed she is the voice of any person, group, or community. She has spoken with only one voice. Her own.


   So often in life, one door closes and another door opens. And yet, it is my desire that through this column there have been some who have found their own courage, strength, and voice. Furthermore, I would like to think that my words have offered support to anyone who has ever felt silenced. It is my hope that silences will continue to break, and no one will feel their experiences, words, or existence, are unworthy to share.

Honoring another’s words and experiences, while we may disagree with them, is the hallmark of a civilized and compassionate species. Today our mission to smash legacies of doctrine, dogma, and shame our parents and grandparents experienced, in the light of their truths, is critical if we are to transform into a truly enlightened society.

Whatever we do, we must resist leaders and those in power who take our freedoms for granted, and worse, deny them altogether. Our children and grandchildren are watching and learning. Do we want to leave them with a legacy of fear? Do we want them to suppress their authenticity because society says it’s unacceptable? When is enough, truly enough? When will we accept and respect others despite their differences to us? What is taking us so long?

If not now, when? If not us, then who?

It is our moral imperative. We, who speak to injustices and abuse, must rise to the occasion. With fists shaking and voices trembling, we must fight the good fight.