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July 18, 2016
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July 20, 2016

Building an Instrument
by Christopher Iacono

The phantom sounds
from heavenly orchestras
resonate against the night sky.
I yearn to turn this ringing in my ears
into music.

All my spiritual armour
became useless,
so I built my instrument –
a dome-shaped pavilion
with 50 loudspeakers.
I strum and moan
over sibilant space whispers.

I pick up the various sounds
of this ethereal music,
and play them back
To open the doors of this world,
and create a union with the cosmos.

Source text: David Keenan, “Freaks in Space,” The Wire, August 2001.

Christopher Iacono lives with hi wife and son in Massachusetts. Besides writing poetry and fiction, he writes book reviews for Three Percent, Entropy, and the Neglected Books Page. When not  writing, he  copyedits and proofreads marketing materials.