‘Psychomania’ Resulted in the Deaths of Hundreds of Angst-Riddled Teenagers, but the Important Thing is that the Crap About the Toad Made No God Damned Sense
March 9, 2018
Received With Thanks Will Do All Best by Caroline Cooper
March 11, 2018

Can #8: Aquafina Sparkling by Lorna Wood

Aquafin king
natural sweet
sparkling regal

Total authority

It’s fizzy
it’s fun, and
free of guilt. Just

fused with natural me
enjoy the exciting side of water!

Aquafin king


Lorna Wood is a violinist and writer in Auburn, Alabama, with a Ph.D. in English from Yale. She was a finalist in the SHARKPACK Poetry Review’s Valus’ Sigil competition, and her poetry has been favorably reviewed in New Pages. Poems have appeared in Poetry WTF?! Literary Yard, Malevolent Soap, Unstitched States, Gnu, shufPoetry, These Fragile Lilacs, Cacti Fur, Birds Piled Loosely, Experimementos, Untitled, with Passengers, and Luminous Echoes, an anthology of poems shortlisted in Into the Void’s 2016 poetry contest. Lorna has also published fiction, creative nonfiction, and scholarly articles, and she is Associate Editor of Gemini Magazine.