Open Reduction Internal Fixation


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Blue Hawaii
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Blue Hawaii

Open Reduction Internal Fixation

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The newest record by the Canadian duo Blue Hawaii, Open Reduction Internal Fixation is most def a record for those who like to dance whether that be alone in their room or out on the dancefloor. Taking its primary sound from the dance/disco and house scenes most of the album is a compilation of many genres and even sub genres. It’s catalyst is characterized by hardship for both members. ‘Agor’ Kerby needed to undergo foot surgery (for which the record is named), while ‘Ra’ Standell-Preston navigated a messy breakup


ORIF is an album that would def sound great on a good set of speakers as the song hits its heaviest basses. Much like their last album Tenderness this album  shows that the duo know their shit.  Although there are, only a few bangers on this album it  sounds like if you closed eyes and didn’t know it was a modern band it would fool you. So, needless to say this album doesn’t have a whole lot of modern twist and that’s not a bad thing in my opinion.

 The three strongest songs on the album are the opening songs and they start the album off with a bang.  They are also the only songs that evoke any sort of emotion. In my opinion, the album just didn’t sparkle after the song Sparkle. However, the vocals on this album are absolutely perfect. Her voice just kills on every track even if the music does not.  While the album has it’s moments as I described it feels like it also missed its mark. 





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October 15, 2019
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ALBUM REVIEW: Open Reduction Internal Fixation by Blue Hawaii

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