Festival: Desert Daze October 10-13th

Devo and Wu-tang among others will be featured!

Festival: Desert Daze October 10-13th

Devo and Wu-tang among others will be featured!

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Desert Daze is among the most popular music festivals of the fall and rightfully so. In the past Desert Daze has featured such bands as.  This year it looks to feature a bunch of amazing musicians from all across the music spectrum including Wu-Tang, Ween, Animal Collective,  Crumb, DIIV, Alvvays, Flaming Lips, and Flying Lotus and more  

But, not only does this festival feature music they also have the Mystic Bazar described on their website as:

“….an enclave of mystics, wanderers, teachers and bright souls that gather deep in the heart of the campgrounds at Desert Daze and will pick you up and transport you to another dimension, allow you to traverse the astral plane, rest, recover, rejuvenate and grow.”

Also, for fans of the installation and projectionists arts they have:
“THE VALLEY OF THE UNBROKEN HORIZON will be fully transformed by our Installation Artists and Projectionists, whose hands and minds set the scene for THE RITUAL. “

The festival takes place in at Moreno Beach during for three days October 10th-13th

For info check out all the goodies on their website. We’ll check back in when there is footage of the happenings!






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Desert Daze 2019| Festivals| Litstyle
September 9, 2019
Credit to Desert Daze

Festival: Desert Daze October 10-13th

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