December 20, 2019

NEW TRACK: Dutch Band Klangstof Drops “New Congress, New Father”

Next year Dutch band Klangstof will be dropping their sophomore album; The Noise You Make is Silent. Of course they dropped a new song “ New Congress, New Father” The song is a blend of Thom Yorke style vocals and Tyco styled music, together creating an strange and melancholic soundscape. Without a doubt the new song and the band itself is well worth multi-listens.
December 19, 2019

NEW TRACK: Inner Wave – Rose + the release of the video for Oof

As a longtime fan of this band I have come to see them grow in amazing ways. They’ve managed to change their sound on almost every album and still remain Inner Wave.
December 13, 2019

VIDEO: Kim Gordon’s New Video “Earthquake”

Kim Gordon released a new video for her first solo album No Home Record’s Earthquake. Directed and edited by Loretta Fahrenholz, it was filmed in LA on a mobile phone and has digital effects layered over LA and it’s residents.
December 12, 2019

Brazilian Seu Jorge Announces New Album with Rogê + Shares New Song

Seu Jorge the man most perhaps most famously known for singing on The Life Aquatic album(and also playing a role.) In the film, his character sang Portuguese covers of classic David Bowie songs.