November 17, 2019

ART: 5 Photographs by Chance Dibbens

Chance Dibben is a writer, photographer, and music maker living in Lawrence, KS. His poems and shorts have appeared in Split Lip, Reality Beach, Horsethief, Yes Poetry, Atlas and Alice, matchbook, Hobart, as well as others.
November 16, 2019

ART: 5 Photographs by Oguns Emmanuel

Oguns Emmanuel is a Nigerian based photographer, who views the world in black and white.
November 15, 2019

ART: 5 Photos by Guilherme Bergamini

Reporter visual artist and photographic, Guilherme Bergamini is Brazilian and graduated in Journalism. For more than two decades, he has developed projects with photography and the various narrative possibilities that art offers. The works of the artist dialogue between memory and social political criticism. He believes in photography as the aesthetic potential and transforming agent of society. Awarded in national and international competitions, Guilherme Bergamini participated in collective exhibitions in 24 countries.
November 14, 2019

ART: Jodie Filan

Jodie Filan was born in Saskatoon , Canada in 1992 making her 27 years old today . She is completely self taught. Her disability of social anxiety disorder keeps her very isolated thus unknown . She is currently homeless and addicted to crystal meth. You can find her and her art at