January 27, 2020

FICTION: Barriers by Holly Hawk

Holly is a northern-hearted wanderer, currently living in the forest of their dreams. They prefer the comforts of a wood stove and a dog called Finn over any fixed address. Holly uses writing to shine light on the beauty of life's in-between moments and to take up space in a gentle way. When Holly isn't purposely trying to get lost in a forest, they are searching for stories waiting to be told from every person they encounter. Holly’s dream is that we can all listen to those stories to better understand one another. Holly once found an eagle feather in a rain forest and their favorite season is spring.
January 25, 2020

POETRY: “Once hyenas roamed Wales” and “thin times” by Eike Jacob

Eike Jacob is a PhD student and part-time waitress in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She grew up in the midwest US. Her work has appeared in Isis, Fresh!, and The Dunes Review. She lurks online as @EikeJacob and offline on running trails.
January 12, 2020

FICTION: Monster in the Room by Elliot Harper

Elliot Harper is a bloke with a ginger beard who writes fiction. Author of the Dark Science-Fiction novella “The City around the World” published by Sinister Stoat Press, an imprint of Weasel Press. His short fiction has appeared in FIVE:2:ONE Magazine's #thesideshow web series, Maudlin House, the Ghost City Review, Akashic Book’s #FriSciFi web series, Litro Magazine’s #StorySunday web series, Vagabonds Magazine and Riggwelter Journal.
January 10, 2020

FICTION: Incident on Lexington: Three Variations by Dan Morey

Avelynne Kang is a writer studying Creative Writing and English at Concordia University. She has been published in Seafoam Mag, Witch Craft Mag, Depth Cues and others. She is a libra sun w/ a gemini moon + rising.