December 1, 2019

POETRY: Poems by Rob Stuart

Rob Stuart was born in Cambridge, England, in 1972 and lives in England with his partner and daughter. His poems and short stories have been published in magazines, newspapers and webzines all over the world including Ink, Sweat and Tears, Diagram, h&, Light, Lighten Up Online, M58, Magma, New Statesman, The Oldie, Otoliths, Popshot, The Projectionist’s Playground, Snakeskin, The Spectator, Tip of the Knife and The Washington Post. He has also written the screenplays for several award-winning and internationally exhibited short films. His website is
November 30, 2019

POETRY: w/ a poor understanding of language by Christina Firl

Christina Firl currently lives in New York City, where she studied poetry at Columbia University. You can follow her on Twitter @churlishfirl.
November 25, 2019

POETRY: From You Will Thank Me as Fast as You Thank a Werewolf by BJ Best

B.J. Best is the author of three books and four chapbooks, most recently Yes (Parallel Press, 2014). A fifth chapbook, Everything about Breathing, is forthcoming from Bent Paddle Press. He lives in Wisconsin.
November 24, 2019

POETRY: 2 Poems by Brynn Martin

Brynn Martin is a Kansas native living in Knoxville, where she received her MFA in poetry from the University of Tennessee. She now works as the Literary Arts Director for Sundress Academy for the Arts. Her poetry has appeared in Contrary Magazine, Yes, Poetry and Crab Orchard Review.