May 5, 2015

#thesideshow May 5th 2015 Our Spines Toward the Sun Steven Minchin

We were out, finally laid out Taking earth through our noses Only to choke when we couldn’t spit it out …. Steven Minchin understood himself enough […]
May 6, 2015

#thesideshow May 6th 2015 Super Villian by Christopher Iacono

He must have been about six or seven. He was banging his nine-inch Silver Blaze action figure in the sand, shouting, “BAM! BAM! Take that!” over […]
May 7, 2015

#thesideshow May 7th 2015 Astronaut -Ilana Masad

Before you were a scientist, before you were an athlete, before you plumbed the depths of space in a three-piece suit and a fishbowl over your […]
May 8, 2015

#thesideshow May 8th 2015 Our Room and Their Art- Sam Silva

Rattling and cat sounds from the lungs. A dizziness from which the morning hums in sleep which lasts till noon. Our rooms and their big art! […]