CITY OF STEEL AND STARS: 8 songs about Sheffield UK

I moved to Sheffield, a city in the north of England once known for its steel industry, just over two years ago, and after about two weeks here I knew I never wanted to leave. Sheffield is a friendly, beautiful, thriving place, now as well known for its ice hockey, universities, and music scene as for its steel, and I’m privileged to call it home.

That said, this isn’t an advert from the Sheffield tourist board (though I would highly recommend anyone visit!), but a collection of music produced here by Sheffield residents over the years. Some will be very familiar – at least in the UK, Don’t You Want Me and Disco 2000 are cheesy club-night classics. Others are by less well-known but no less excellent bands such as Heavy Lids and Cora Pearl, both emerging from the university here and bringing very different sounds to Sheffield. Of course, no Sheffield-themed playlist would be complete without Arctic Monkeys, and I’ve chosen their song Mardy Bum, ‘mardy’ being Yorkshire slang for someone moody or grumpy.

Do enjoy this playlist – and if you ever find yourself in Sheffield, hit me up for all my recommendations on where to go and what to do!