D o n a t e to the w e i r d b a b i e s

Support FIVE:2:ONE and:
  • Help keep  weird babies alive and nourished.

We have always believed that our print contributors should get something in return for giving their work to us. As of March 2018 we’ve decided to give our contributors, contributor copies. We are independently financed & and funded by the editorial staff bu so any donation of any size, will help go a long way to help give contributor copies. If we can raise about 800 bucks it’ll be enough for us to continue into next year.

  •  Help with the cost of running a website and Submittable

We use Submittable because its the best way to keep up with Submissions and for us to work as a group of editors

  • Push the boundaries of what literature can be in ground-breaking new projects.

    We want to continue to grow and to polish up some of our projects like LitStyle