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September 19, 2016
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Micropoetry by Donny Barilla | #thesideshow

Micropoetry by Donny Barilla | #thesideshow


by Donny Barilla

Soft Smile

I approach her in humid milks
Enter her in the creams of madness
From another room the old woman steeps tea
An hour later we join her and softly smile.

Hungry Flash

By morning stars vacate the heavens
Fading glimmer of nights fable loosened
Insects climb the farmhouse wall
The sun extemporizes in a hungry flash.

Clamor the Ground

The welcoming maple offers shade and silent love
Stretching a gnarled branch and stem
Inside an infant cries, surrendering the long spring afternoons
In a fragment of a moment maple leaves clamor the ground.


Buzz and Steep

Women glaze themselves in suspense
Silk sheets offer a crisp velvet welcome
Summer night the children play in a neighboring yard
Excitement of the evenings buzz and steep.


Nibbling Seeds

The mother reveals her breast to a hungry child
Anticipation stirs from puckering lips
Above the cottage a murder of crows land
Nibbling seeds from an overhanging tree.



Donny Barilla has been writing poetry for over three decades and had maintained a passion for nature, love, and poems of intimacy. He lives in the state of Pennsylvania and draws from the landscape which surrounds him. His first book, “Treasures” has been released in the month of August in the year two thousand and sixteen. He lives reclusive a lifestyle and finds great inspiration in the beautiful nature that surrounds him.