Kim D. Bailey,
Breaking the Legacy of Silence #15 Find Your Own Voice, You Were Born to Shine | Kim Bailey Deal
September 24, 2016
Grief and Awe by Arya-francesca Jenkins | flash fiction |#thesideshow
Grief and Awe by Arya-francesca Jenkins | flash fiction |#thesideshow
September 25, 2016

Larry Thacker

Early April  

by Larry Thacker

A flicking horde of bats dance down
the rumored storming firsts of spring

and willow tops in silhouette
sway like impatient giant arms,

a limbered orchestration tuned
attentive to this rogue release

of clapping thunder growling now
so anxiously beyond my view

As if awaking from a dream
the spiders whisper ever-clear

and yarn their death around the lips
of thunder heads and voiceless mists

that slink and ferry stories down
along the wind-shorn fields below

into the blessed dying town
where craters wait with missing words

The beasts will flee this place today,
pack their minds with all the bats,

and hoard their myths with all of us,
and never look back – never look back.

Larry D. Thacker is an Appalachian writer and artist. His poetry can be found in past issues of The Still Journal, Kudzu Literary Magazine, The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee, Unbroken Journal, Mojave River Review, Broad River Review, Harpoon Review, Rappahannock Review, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Vandalia and Appalachian Heritage, among others. His fiction can be found in past issues of The Still Journal and Fried Chicken and Coffee.
He is the author of Mountain Mysteries: The Mystic Traditions of Appalachia and the poetry chapbooks, Voice Hunting and Memory Train.