Expectations by Line Toftsø | micropoetry | #thesideshow

April 6, 2017
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April 6, 2017


Your face is opening    expanding
and seagulls and fighting dogs
seem to do the same
and tongues
tongues that almost look like tongues
you have so much in space in your face
so much surface covered
by skin
the whole like the part
and the scratches on your forehead


your face is not only large
it is also very loose
not exactly leaking   just loose
as if there is much more space

in it.



Yes, I will devour you
right now I am eating a moon
I don’t care I WILL EAT
the flooring in seven eleven the small flecked stone tiles that look like plastic the red coating in the supermarket and throughout the super city the rubber streets
I will eat the red bread the pavements the fake pearls I devour them & you
we are one
I am you
(and our mothers say beware)

we are inside each other




who’s blinding who? RED

that’s who and who and I will eat RED

and you will be blinded by RED

like bedclothes the moon intervals RED

like hope rope cluster RED

like the pipes in the walls, gurgling RED

there will be other moons

and someone will flash a light

in a house across a street.




The cold came through yesterday
as if no one    as if white
I dreamt my eyelashes was cut off

when you return
you will twist your torso

the movement we call the braid
your index finger will follow my spine
will follow the groove
to the other side of my spine

you have a metal sheet in your voice
it is not to scare you off
but there is no doubt
that it’s a metal sheet.



I hate when the bridges are teething
the cries
the drooling
the need.

The hysteria.

Yesterday was melancholic, brittle
and semiprecious stone-like
today I’m just mean
and beautiful.

 Line Toftsø is a Danish poet and artist. Copenhagen & @linetofts