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June 9, 2016
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June 11, 2016

F20 Litstyle: Horsethief Releases their 4th issue

F2O LitStyle: Horsethief Releases Their 4th Issue

by Sopphey Vance

Horsethief: a monthly digital magazine that publishes a diverse range of voices both emerging and established. Editors Justin Boening and Devon Walker-Figueroa aim to take their vision into the physical world, by publishing hardcover books by 2017 in order to bridge the gap between digital reading and the traditional art of the book. In Issue Four, we see the melding of six poets.

Beginning with Joe Gutierrez and ending with Dan Chelotti the quaint issue is nothing too quaint or proper, but yet so endearing with its honest and direct imagery. Beginning with Gutierrez’s poem “Washing Machine,” the first two lines really drag you into the fine folds of Horsethief. The lines not being particularly literary or obscure, they keep you on the page. But what’s it about? Gutierrez uses the metaphor of the washing machine to represent an awakening to a different reality. Literally, a mundane item that opens the void into a deeper meaning.

Continuing with Anthony Madrid, we explore a pair of rhyming couplets about seemingly normative life. But not strict normative life, perhaps the life certain live as seen in the first set of rhyming couplets where the narrative leads readers swat out children in strollers.

I won’t go into every detail of Emilia Phillips’s “The CIA Livetweets the Assassination of Usama Bin Ladin Five Years Later,” but I can assure you that you will want to read it to the very end. To the very end. Cate Lycurgus takes the stage right after with the poem “So Lord    I think I figured out    the light:” a playfully formatted poem.

I want to take a brief moment to highlight “The Siberian Wolf,” by Cynthia Cruz. Really, all the work in this issue is superb. But, there is something so pristine about these lines. Of course, not to outshadow Dan Chelotti bringing the end with his two poems “Crud,” and “A Good Life,” which aptly close the adventure that is Horsethief’s fourth issue.

Sopphey Vance the poet, yarn artist, and legend resides in South Texas where he battles dragons and unicorns for Five 2 One Magazine.