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June 14, 2016
The Fucking Funnies Presents: Squatch 17 by Gabe Ostley
June 15, 2016

F20 LitStyle: Rust and Moth releases their Summer 2016 issue

Rust and Moth: a Journal of Poetry and the Arts. Rust and Moth are adding new content weekly to their summer issue. The Rust and Moth website started in 2008 hoping to find works that “errs on the side of immediacy” or that invokes strong images. Each issue of Rust and Moth is a combo of many months work.  Summer 2016 started on  May 1st 2016 and continues to grow. I would suggest coming back for more as the months of Summer continue. The final print issue is due out later this month.

A Brothel in Rose Quartz by Kailey Tedesco.  The opening lines of Tedesco’s poem drags you into the world of brothels “Feels like sitting in another’s aura —Pink ectoplasm bubble-stuffed with ghost girls.”   This issue of Rust and Moth continues  Paleontology by David Anthony Sam. Sam uses  a metaphor of fossils.  for being old.

The Rust and Moth issue continues with  Shelby Dale  DeWesse’s nature poem Aurora Borealis that personifies  the Aurora Borealis “A name like Aurora trickles off my tongue, clogs my throat like cinnamon.”  and moving on to the poem  What is  Power for An Adopted Korean Girl by Bo Schwabacher   that engages the readers  with poetics about  problems of being a woman in Korea “Power (strength) in Korean is [him]: “힘.”

It’s hard to miss a poem like  When A Father is Dying by M. Brett Gaffney  as it strikes the readers hearts. Gaffney explores the heartache of a dying father. “Even if the ghost of his body—thinner now, bones rising through his skin like unearthed stone”

Each and every one of the poems in this Summer Issue 2016 strike a different feeling in the reader.  At the St. Vincent Frankfort Hospital by Alisha Erin Hillam finalize what is in the issue of Summer 2016 issue of  Rust and Moth.

13124671_10153509058895079_5505841892969722072_nNathan Alan Schwartz is poet and Editor in Chief of Five 2 One Magazine. He was the Social Media Editor at Drunk Monkeys and the Poetry Editor at Enhance Magazine. He loves the written word and if it were up to him he’d bathe naked in it. He has been published in Yellow Chair Review, Jaw line Review, Calliope, Dense Macbre, Rusty Nail, Two Snakes and many more.