Seed & Spark Charles Bivona
A Treasure Trove of Great Movies: What is Seed&Spark? by Charles Bivona
May 19, 2016
#thesideshow May 21st 2016 Flash Fiction Exposed by Gary V. Powell
May 20, 2016

F20 News: Calls of Submission and a release

Five 2 One News:
Calls of Submission and a release

This is the first of  F20 news posts. As we grow as a magazine we have many projects that we will want to work with or will work with. This posts  will contain news about the upcoming or possible coming attractions at Five 2 One. Most of the time they will be short and sweet and nothing more than that. This week we have a few things happening. They are as follows:


We are looking for micropoetry and flash fiction for our online stepchild ‪#‎thesideshow‬. We want stories that make people cringe, we want characters that are so odd and so weird that you love them for it. We want situations that no writer has ever written about before. We want micropoetry straight from the heart, straight from the gut, straight from wherever. In addition we are looking for art work and comics for our Art and Fucking Funnies sections. Send them to us homefries!


Our 12th print issue is due out on May 25th 2016. Available on Amazon and Createspace this is the first issue to contain The Fucking Funnies. It also features an interview with the cover art artist Robert Zuerer as well as a slew of writers and poets from all over the globe. When you have a chance. You should most defiantly check it out.

Issue 13 submission call:

Issue 13 is due out on August 25th and  we will officially stop taking submissions on June 21st.

Issue 14 submission call:

On November 25th our anniversary /Genesis of Freak issue  will come to you like a bullet from a gun. The issue will go ALL the way back to our beginnings from way back in 2011 and will only contain poetry and fiction from only new writers, up and coming writers, young writers. We will start accepting submissions for our 14th issue starting June 6th 2015.

You can find the submission guidelines to all our issues and #thesideshow here