#thesideshow June 20th Micro poetry Apoptosis by Matt Alexander
June 20, 2016
#thesideshow June 21st 2016 Flash Fiction Shouts & Murmurs Future Move (A Submission for the New Yorker) by Dan Patch & Lola Nation
June 21, 2016

#F2O news: Freaks,geeks, weirdoes and blacksheep we have some killer news for you!

Freaks,geeks, weirdoes and blacksheep we have some killer news for you!


Looking for a Social Media Manager:

As our magazine continues to increase so does our staff. We are looking for somebody who is proficient in social media and is aware of how to use Hootsuite. This person must also be able to continuously use our Social Media on a daily basis. If this position interests you and you would like more detail please us email at 521magazine@gmail.com using SMM and your name as the title of your email.

Issue 13

Issue 13 is due to be out on August 25th and will be available on Amazon and Createspace! We are no longer taking submissions for this issue and will be working diligently to get it out on time! The issue is going to be amazeballs we promise. Yes AMAZEBALLS that’s how you should describe it to all friends and family

Genesis of Freak/Issue 14 /Anniversary issue

Dedicated to new writers our Genesis of Freak issue is due out on November 25th This is our anniversary issue and will contain 50 poets and writers new to the writing world. We ask that people with a max of  3 publishing credits submit to this issue.  We will be taking submissions till September 7th. We have a spot on our Submittable dedicated to this issue and ask that you use it that when submitting to Issue 14. Also, when submitting for this issue please keep  our regular guidelines in mind as well.

Issue 15

If you are not a new writer and you would like to submit to one of our print issues we will be taking submissions for February 2017’s issue 15 till December 21st


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