Drunk Monkeys

Drunk Monkeys is a literary Magazine and Film Blog featuring short stories, flash fiction, poetry, film articles, movie reviews, and writing tips and advice.



Clockwise Cat


Clockwise Cat is a progressive literary webzine appearing seasonally that features verse, reviews, and invective.


Indigent Press


Indigent Press is a grassroots micro press dedicated to publishing high quality independent poetry chapbooks by a diverse group of poets with unique voices. It is our hope that each title in our catalog will not only be something you read over and over again until your eyes start to blur, but it will also be a germ you pass along to your friends, like a communicable disease.




 Maverick Duck Press is a micro press that publishes undiscovered talent in poetry. We publish 4-6 chapbooks of poetry a year.




Raw Writing Podcast

Discussions of literature and writing, raw and uncensored, with just enough class to make it offensive.

Adam Levon Brown


A website for poets to get their feet wet. Complete with links to publishers, interview and book review opportunities, and good poetry.


Sopphey Vance

 The official home of Sopphey Vance, the poet, yarn artist, and legend.











Seed&Spark is a robust, agile platform for filmmakers to grow their audiences at every stage: pitch, funding, production and distribution.