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July 5, 2016
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July 6, 2016

F2O LitStyle: Apricity Press Releases Their Inaugural May 2016 Issue

Apricity Press Releases Their Inaugural May 2016 Issue

Apricity Review: An annual online publication of poetry, prose, short fiction, visual art and dance works. Apricity Press embodies the obsolete word it was named after and aims to manifest the feeling of the warmth of the sun in the winter in all that it publishes. This issue contains art, fiction and poetry from a wide variety of authors and artists alike

Carter Stein’s poem Healing gives this inaugural issue a head start. He winds the audience with a poem about healing. Opening up his poem with the lines “Home made syrup wrapped in her hand/ slow dripping” gives the reader a reason to explore not just the poem but the rest of the magazine.

The new press’s first issue continues with the poem “Arc and Saw for TLW” by Peter Burynski, this poem poem  doesn’t open up with pretty poetry but rather  opens  with a strong and bold poetic statment. “Maybe the difference between vice and bad habits is you can afford bad habits” Burynski’s poetry though cryptic and perhaps a bit “drunk” walks a straight line.

The introductory contains the flash fiction piece, “Shooter” by former Five 2 One contributor Howie Good. The story is simple yet hard hitting. The darker and more curious fiction piece “Ants” by Megan Jacobs opens up with the very keen and simplistic lines “I sit in shade of a small tree in the cemetery.”

Aprcitiy’s first issue is well worth a read. Full of poetry and fiction that is bound to lead the reader to come back for more.

Nathan Alan Schwartz is poet and Editor in Chief of Five 2 One Magazine. He was the Social Media Editor at Drunk Monkeys and the Poetry Editor at Enhance Magazine. He loves the written word and if it were up to him he’d bathe naked in it. He has been published in Yellow Chair Review, Jaw line Review, Calliope, Dense Macbre, Rusty Nail, Two Snakes and many more.