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August 3, 2016
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August 5, 2016

F2O LitStyle: Linden Avenue Literary Journal Releases their Fifty-first Issue

Linden Avenue Literary Journal Releases their Fifty-first Issue

Linden Avenue Literary Journal: a monthly publication that highlights creative works of a clear, concise, and character driven manner. Linden Avenue Literary Journal releases their fifty-first issue this August. Featuring poetry by Jenny McBride, Sarah Marchant, Don Mager, Rosemary Poole, Kate McNairy, and JT LaChausse, this issue of Linden Avenue Literary Journal is a perfect companion to an iced cold glass of black cherry limeade.

This issue combines narratives and subject matters that carry us through beings and times. It presents us with glimpses of the integrity of humanity through conscious poetic methods. But also, it brings us reality with line breaks and cautious, maybe even courteous intimacy.

Opening with McBride’s poem, we enter a world much like our own where the oddities of poetry lie hidden in a place least expected. And then the intrigue of poetry fades away. Perhaps to gnaw at us through the narrator in Marchant’s words. Or perhaps to ease us into intimacy with tenderness and affection.

Poole’s “Old woman watching,” however takes us through the growth of a relationship between man and woman. Beginning with lines such as:

“When our limbs mingled
salt arms and ankles
and sweat-smudged nights
and daybreak,”

our narrator makes a comparison between the youth and the elderly. Leading us to believe that the youth lavish in sex while “all the old women shouted / and the old men cried / watching, yearning for / limbs like ours –“.

Yet in a natural progression of life, the narrator becomes elderly herself and youth gone with all its luxuries.

Closing the issue with the words of LaChausse, we are confronted with an unthought of time frame. In LaChausse’s “in transit” the narrator lightly explores of this pre-launch period with the closing of the transport doors. The announcement of departure. And the ever brief period of travel which the narrator abruptly ends with the curt words: “Doors opening.”

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