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September 8, 2016
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F2O LitStyle: The Bitchin Kitsch releases their September issue

The Bitchin Kitsch

The Bitchin Kitsch releases their September issue

The Bitchin’ Kitsch Zine: The Bitchin Kitsch releases their September issue featuring  Anselmo Alliegro, Elena Botts, Gordan Ćosić, Sasheera Gounden, W. Jack Savage Fiction by: Jon Beight, JL Smith, Daniel Ross Goodman, Mike Andrelczyk, Cathy Cavallone, L.D. Diem, Laura Fairgrieve, Mark Mitchell, Thomas Rocha, Sanjeev Sethi, Ethan Sturm, Dr. Mel Waldman, Phil Wexle.  Andy Brown, Gary Lundy, Tony Roberts, Peabody Winston

The literary magazine scene is a small, niche community. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT small,l but it certainly only attracts people that like literature in its many forms. I say it’s small because only people who love literary magazines KNOW about literary magazines.

Out on the great plains of literature there are certain magazines that speak loudly and proudly. They are the kind that showcase new writers, new talents, and even old voices that may stick out. Those are the kind of magazines I like to read.

The Bitchin Kitsch definitely has that vibe. So, prepare to enter a world of strange as I take you on a journey though their September issue.

Bitchn’ Kitsch looks for poems that are different and don’t adhere to the norm. That’s exactly what Cathy Cavallone’s poem “Matter” does to open up the September issue. Cavallone addresses the Black Lives Matter issue in an abstract and poetic way. Her opening lines are a powerful way to start the piece: “We are matter solid liquid gas”

Thomas Rocha’s poem “A Patch of Dirt, A Piece of Sky” is a personal piece that delves deep into Rocha’s being. Its prosey style gives it a raw and real feel. Rocha’s   poetic verse are delivered the way one would handle a box of Grandma’s old china. They are carefully placed and well executed. Each part of the poem begins with a new idea, as if it were an essay in poetic form. “You are not small”, “You are not quiet”, and “you do not smell sweet”

Jon Beight’s story Red Tide opens up with the narrator examining a dream he had. In fact, the entire flash fiction piece was the narrator’s account of their bizarre and almost surreal dream about dead fish who had become victim to red tides. Like any good flash fiction, the story’s brevity hits strong and hard and leaves a reader to wonder about what the dream actually meant.

The September issue is just a tiny peak into Bitchin’ Kitsch’s strange literary world and mind. If you’re a fan of the eccentric and weird I suggest giving all their issues a peep, because they imbibe the world of strange and spit out something wonderful.

Nathan Alan Schwartz likes to dive naked int to pools of black ink. He is the Editor in Chief of Five 2 One Magazine