July 12, 2016
Scott Patrick Mitchell
#thesideshow July 13th 2016 Two Micro poems by Scott Patrick Mitchell
July 13, 2016

F2O LitStyle: WOLVES magazine releases their May/June issue: Tokyo Volume 1 Issue 3

WOLVES: a magazine for the living, the dead, the suckers and everybody else in between. Dedicated to exploring, creating, touching, WOLVES is all about the words. WOLVES releases latest issue Tokyo: Volume 1 Issue 3.

The voyage amongst the WOLVES in this May/June issue  starts off with a playful story First Date by Timothy Day. Day keeps the story moving with comical dialogue and a moving story line.

 “I don’t want to be like other people dating,” she said as we went along.
“Me neither,” I agreed.
“How can we stop that?”
I considered.“For starters,” I said, “I won’t ask your favorite food, or favorite music, or favorite anything.”


As you continue traveling among the pages of WOLVES you’ll run into two poems Golden and The Price of Tower by former Five 2 One contributor Christopher Iancono. The two poems deliver unusual poetic lines that hit and wiz by the reader. In The Price of Tower Iancono starts off the poem with a dark image:

I stand in the hallway of a tree
and the Oklahoma wind jostles
the structure

The poem continues on a desolate path of abandoned   promises:

“I push away the leaves
to watch
you run from your promise –
a seed that never grew,
left to harden and die
in a hospice of frozen earth”

As one continues their journey among the WOLVES in this issue. You’ll find another former Five 2 One contributor Marissa Price. Price hits us with a poem with beautiful imagery. She opened her poem with lines like:

“Your fingers
would be stuck
together by a paste
that dries in textures of

  Her words are strikingly beautiful and intense and should be ravaged like a piece of meat.


This May/June issue will satisfy any reader who is looking for a journey among literary WOLVES

Nathan Alan Schwartz is a bohemian. He lives and breathes poetry and the written words. You can find his poetry in his latest book Between the Empty Spaces. He has other works in The Rusty Nail, Yellow Chair Review, Dead Snakes, Jawline review and more.