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F2O LitStyle: Review of The Book of Clouds by Marc Zegan | Poetry
September 29, 2016
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October 1, 2016

F2O LitStyle: Yellow Chair Review releases their September issue

Yellow Chair Review releases their September issue

Yellow Chair Review: a literary journal that seeks to act as a safe space for both readers and writers from marginalized groups. Yellow Chair Review releases their September issue. This issue contains 80+ poets artists and writers from all walks of life. This issue contains Five 2 One contributors from past present and future. Not that it drew me in more seeing familiar names but it was certainly nice to see. Some poets had more than one poem assigned to them but  for this review I’ll only be taking a look at one poem from the bunch.

As I sat down to read this September issue of Yellow Chair Review the very first poem that that struck me was  “Reasons for Travel” by Abigail Lalonde. The poem is a metaphorical voyage through Lalonde’s past. Using the opening lines We went to Ellis Island, /once. /I was young, / maybe twelve to me were like opening up Abigail’s Lalonde’s family photo album as though she wants to tell a story about her family’s past  As the poem continues we peruse her mind. Then slowly, as the poem dwindles towards the end we are brought back to the present and offered a look into a current love life.

Adam Engel continues our journey through this September issue with his poem “The Privilege of Tangerines” in which he calls himself a “discount Ginsberg” Through his vibrant poetic words we get to know Adam and “his rose-scented mud mask” as he calls it. ” What I like best about this poem is the bare bones and raw tone speaking directly from the heart and the anguish Engel feels. “My mud-mask is white and male. / Its rose-scent almost obscures/what’s underneath (for my masks are nested / like Russian dolls” Engel ends the poem on a question “Why do tangerines adorn / the Dalai Lama’s shrine, / but not the streets?” As if leaving the reader with a thought to ponder on.

“Crush” by Andrew Walker is a short story that also caught my eye. I should first  mention that I really enjoyed the fact that the title of this story had a double meaning. The story centered around a couple which I assume are broken up and are meeting again for a second time. Walker’s haunting words delivery both heart ache and yearning as the story of the couple plummets into a darker atmosphere, leaving the reader with an ending that is almost a cliff hanger.

Yellow Chair Review’s September issue is a voyage into many different voices of all kinds. Leaving the issue I felt as though I knew some of these writers already but would have loved to have read more of their works.

Nathan Alan Schwartz likes to swim naked in seas of black ink. He is also the Editor in Chief of Five 2 One Magazine.