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June 6, 2016
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F2O LitStyle: Crab Fat Magazine Releases Their 8th Issue

Crab Fat Magazine Releases Their 8th Issue

by Sopphey Vance

Crab Fat Magazine: an online monthly journal publishing queer, feminist & experimental prose, poetry, art & other wonderful words–Issue 8 of Crab Fat Magazine features Natalie Lombardi’s “Gathering Up What Grace is Left,” as their cover as well as 40+ writers and artists in the poetry, fiction, drama, and art categories.

Like most literary magazines, the editors of Crab Fat Magazine, hand selected each one to represent an idea–a form and essence–that really captivates an audience. There are little trinkets in the lines and imagery in the poems such as “Birthright,” by Bekah Steimel. Steimel writes, “I want to unlace the corset / of Christianity /” a very invitational line into a poem about women and purity.

In the fiction sentence, the stories are tightly woven and whimsical. In particular, Brigitte N. McCray’s “Silken Threads, Woven Nests,” brings a dimension of identity to the main character through a spider metaphor. Written with a sort of coming-of-age metaphor, McCray’s heroine is nothing more than a mundane person like you and I. An average person with a heavy heart and a will to move on.

If you haven’t had a chance to read a short act. Nicholas Lawrence’s Refractions (A Closet Drama) is a good stop. Look it over, let Lawrence and the editors at Crab Fat Magazine know what you think. I think it’s marvelous. Also, please do check out the wonderful art. This issue is a wonderful issue, and we can’t wait to see what is up next.

Sopphey Vance the poet, yarn artist, and legend resides in South Texas where he battles dragons and unicorns for Five 2 One Magazine.