Five 2 One Magazine Issue 11 Cover


Travel That Star by Dustin Pickering
A Little Spot To Call Ones Own by Scott Thomas Outlar
Real Families by Terra Conner
Kristen Mensa World by Don Kingfisher Campbell
Chicken Poxs at the Slaughterhouse by Heath Brougher
Children of Rabies by Samuel Fox
Rx by Chad Crabtree
Cindy St. Onge by Volition Novena
My Father’s Mustache by Alex Simand
Tomahawk by Charles Joseph
All Because of You by Alan Britt
Crazy Girl by Lydia Armstrong
$20 Taxi Ride by Olivia Vande Woude
Homecoming by Victoria Iorio
How Many More Eyes by Matthew Duggan


Would Anyone Like to Say Grace? by Zach Davis
Neo-post Modernism by G.D McFitridge
Backflippers by Nate Zachar
Warm Milk by Star Spider
Message by Aaron Housholder
The Lovers by Ezra Coote
Study Questions by Robert Boucheron

The Book Corner

The Ultimate How-NOT-To Guide: Ally Malinenko’s
Verse-Letter To America


Take a Swing Boy by Chad McDonald

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